What will happen if I turn up late to tee off? Will I be penalised?

Through The Club House and by means of various examples of different situations which occur regularly in our games with friends and in tournaments, we seek to ensure that the players have the best possible understanding of the rules, which we know is not easy in many cases.

First and foremost, we wish to highlight the basic principle that every player must know: “Play the ball from where it lies, leave the course as you find it, and if this is not possible, make sure that you play fair. But in order to do that, it is necessary to know the Rules of Golf”.

Let’s begin! This “Ruling” or  “Decision/Resolution” took place in the last Balearic Championships at the end of May:

Álex had tee off on the 10th tee at 9.00 along with Jaime and Claudio. Thinking that he was teeing off from the 1st tee, Alex got confused and in the end turned up to tee off from the 10th tee at 9.03. Jaime had already teed off and Claudio was set up in order to do the same. On the list, and according to the play order, Álex was meant to play third, which is why he thought that, following the correct order, he had arrived on time and wouldn’t be penalised. If we read Rule 6.3, we can see that Álex was wrong, and that all players must be present and ready to play at the time fixed by the Committee, which in this case was 9:00.  Therefore the corresponding two stroke penalty was applied.  If he had arrived more than 5 minutes after his tee time, he would have been disqualified. The only way Álex could have avoided the penalty is through the exception stated by this rule: “The Committee reserves the right to determine whether there have been exceptional circumstances that have impeded a player from commencing their circuit”. This was not the case.  (See Decision 6-3a/2).


Committee of Referees and Rules of the Balearic Golf Federation