Vicky Pertierra | 71 years old and historic player from Golf Santa Ponça

When, how and why did you start to play golf?
I began when I was 17, to be close to my dad, who had stopped fishing to start golf. This all happened in the Phillipines where I was born, along with my two older brothers.

What aims did you have?
Along with golf, I did horseriding and competed. But my father told me that I had to choose one or the other in order to do it well. I chose golf. I have done a lot of sport: for example I was pre-selected when I was 14 for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in trampoline jumps. As there is nothing like golf, it is a constant challange. You can never achieve a complete control of the game.


What is the most important thing you need to play well?
It’s the most complicated sport. First and foremost, you have to be in shape physically; mentally you have to be perfect, you have to have your head screwed on right, it’s basically mental toughness. That’s the difference between winning and not winning.

What does golf bring to your life?
Golf is my life. I began in the Phillipino team and continued in the Spanish team. Later I was in the Spanish Federation’s Female Technical Commitee for 30 or more years; I was also captain of the national team and we won the World Golf Championships in Vancouver. As a captain I have also won about eight European Championships.  Prior to all of that, I worked in a golf club in Madrid and later in Ibiza. Since the year 1990, which is when I came to Majorca, I have always played with the Santa Ponça Golf Club.



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