Golf Son Servera, loyalty to its origins

Golf Son Servera, the second oldest in the Balearic Islands, has turned 50. Its president and manager, Frank Blochmann and Stefano Bortolotti, reveal to The Club House the singular idiosyncrasy of the club.


What has been the key to reaching half a century?

When the club began, in 1967, Son Vida was the only golf course. Nowadays there are 23 golf course in Mallorca… Everything’s changed so much. A group of neighbours from Costa de los Pinos, mostly Spanish and English, wanted to play golf, and they decided to found Golf Son Servera. Since then our club has worked in its own way, as a members’ club, different to other clubs in Mallorca which are profit-making companies.

Peole have remaned true to the club’s founding spirit, in which the figure of the member plays a fundamental role. You are an unusual club in that way…

Sure enough, our club is the only sports club for golf in the Balearic Islands. I mean by that that the members are the owners of the club, and we can say with satisfaction that this has been the chief maxim of all the presidencies over the years. As a consequence of this, the social events, private tournaments, the club atmosphere and the harmony between the members distinguishes us from the rest of the clubs. We have our members at the heart of all our activities.

Where is the club now, from all perspectives: sport-wise, socially and economically?

Currently we have 650 members and this year by the end of 2017, we will have received onto our grounds and into our facilities around 19,000 players, which makes us one of the golf courses with the highest volumes of players on the island. We search for the balance between the two apsects. In the Leading Golf Courses ranking, we are in third place in  Mallorca and in 35th place on a national level. Furthermore, having come through a very difficult economic situation, our finances are now healthy, thanks to the professionalism in the running of the club and the support of its members. In sporting terms, five of our students have been selected to join the Blume Residence in Madrid, and we have amongst our members two of the three professional players in the Balearic Islands, Nuria Iturrioz y Toni Ferrer.

What strategic aims have you set yourselves for the next year?

They are many and on several fronts. On the one hand to increase the number of members, given that we want to continue being a club that is faithful to its origins. We also intend to establish ourselves from a commerical point of view. Likewise, we would like to improve various aspects of the course, along with the facility as a whole. We cannot afford to make huge investments in just one year; however we are able to make gradual improvements year on year, to ensure that Golf Son Servera continues to be one of the preferred golf courses on the island for many players. Similarly, we want to continue improving the Golf School, but without changing our idiosyncrasy.