Cataracts, do not let them keep you away from the course

Dr. Luis Salvà Ladaria specializes in ophthalmology and is the medical director of Oftalmedic Salvà at the Salva clinic, in addition to being a regular golf player. In this article, he explains the difficulties that cataracts produce in the practice of this sport and how to solve them, in order to extract all our potential.

When practising golf, sight is a sense of vital importance. To make a precise calculation of the trajectory, for good concentration and a proper focus, correct vision at all distances is essential.

One of the eye conditions that can interfere with the practice of this sport, and that, in addition, sooner or later comes to us all, is cataracts.

As years go by and inevitably so, our lens (the eye’s natural lens) loses its transparency, blocking correct vision. That is when we talk about cataracts.

Its first symptom is photophobia: the Sun is a nuisance more and more and you require a greater use of sunglasses.

In addition, cataracts make objects appear blurry and poorly defined, thus lowering our ability to focus on distant objects. In golf, the first sign of this is the difficulty in finding the ball on the course.

When the lens becomes opaque, it is necessary to replace it with an artificial lens.

Oftalmedic  Salvà, at clinic Salva, offers the most cutting-edge technology for the treatment of cataracts. Through the femtosecond Laser in LENSAR, unique in the Balearic Islands, it is possible to put an end to them without the use of a scalpel, in a definitive, painless and minimally invasive way.

The recovery of the patient after the correction of cataracts is almost immediate. Hospitalization or postoperative admission is not required, beyond the minimum necessary rest. This means that starting from the following day a practically normal life (reading, driving, watching television…) can be led, always avoiding overexertion.

Therefore, the brevity and simplicity of the postoperative procedure allows us to return to the course in a short amount of time. In this way, it is possible to return to the course with complete certainty just five days after the operation, which is a great advantage for the enthusiasts of this sport.


Dr. Luis Salvà Ladaria
Medical Director of Oftalmedic  Salvà in Salvà Clinic